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About equiMedpak

equiMedpak is located in beautiful countryside near Tring, Hertfordshire. The backpack was designed and created by Equine Shiatsu Practitioner Mandy Hall E.q.S.P, founder of Equine Wellbeing Management. Mandy has been an equine Shiatsu Practitioner (a form of Japanese physiotherapy) since 2008. Health and Wellbeing are at the forefront of Mandy’s profession and having struggled on many occasions with first aid items kept in boxes and bags, she was inspired to create a first aid backpack  that would meet the needs of horse owners when dealing with the unexpected!

After discussions with vets, and much careful thought Mandy has put together a selection of materials and equipment that fits neatly inside the backpack, helping ensure owners have the essential items needed in an emergency. Purpose-designed holders inside the bag keep everything close at hand and make it clear when items need of replacing. Mandy hopes that desperate searching through the bottom of a bag or box looking urgently for that one thing you need will soon be a thing of the past!

Meet the Team

  • Mandy Hall E.q.S.P Founder of equiMedpak and Director of Equine Wellbeing Management
  • Olivia Berry: Marketing
  • Adrian Wright (Adrian J Wright Consulting Ltd): IT and Technical Support

Contact Information

Email us at, find us on Facebook & Twitter