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Kate Morris personal experience using the equiMedpak in an emergency!

"I had the misfortune to use this pack yesterday. Travelling home from a show my horse freaked out for some unknown reason. After pulling over onto a garage forecourt we found he had cut his hock badly and after getting the lorry tucked safely away we had to unload him. Took the bag to him and after a quick chat with a local vet via the phone, bag even has a pen to take down local vets number, I soon had him bandaged up reloaded and on our way to our own vet. He's been cleaned had a drain and sutured up and staying there for 3 days. What makes this piece of kit incredible is the bag its so well laid out and everything is easy to get to. No rummaging around in my usual plastic box with things falling out on the floor etc. Fantastic !! On the contents everything was there and my own vet was impressed with the soff ban bandage. Honestly don't think about it, purchase at least the bag. It really made a stressful situation so much easier."

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