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equiMedpak Just GRAB & GO!


Why equiMedpak?

equiMedpak  know's the stress injured horses can cause their owners. Dealing with an injury quickly and efficiently can make all the difference, especially with a serious bleed.

Through research of equine first aid kits on the market we believe there is nothing that properly meets the modern horse owner's needs. This provided the inspiration for equiMedpak.

equiMedpak has been specifically designed with the equestrian owner in mind; Simplicity, accessibility, practicality and cleanliness when dealing with an emergency.


Welcome to the New equiMedpak Assortment Packages. Here at eqiMedpak we know the frustration caused when our beloved equines go and injure themselves and we are convinced some equines are more accident prone then others. We understand how expensive it can be to keep adequate veterinary refills in case of those unsuspecting emergencies. So here at equiMedpak we decided to make it as cheap as possible saving you £££’s so that you never have to worry about being unprepared.

We are now offering you one of our four equiMedpak Assortment Package deals whereby we put together a pick and mix assortment of six veterinary first aid items and send them out to you depending on which package best suits your needs. You can either choose from our £15 one off package or our 3 month subscription package at £12 per month, our 6 month subscription at £10 per month or our 12 month subscription at £8 per month. The more months you subscribe to the cheaper the package. Plus if you choose the “prepay option” on packages B, C and D you will also receive individual package bonus freebies. 



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